About New Creation

We are regarded as industry leaders in digital strategy and solutions, focused totally on delivering great user experience and consistent results

My name is James and I am the managing director of New Creation SEO.

I started my journey in the world of search engine optimisation back in 2010, when I worked alongside the worlds largest online poker and online casino companies to attract new customers in what was one of the internet’s most competitive markets.

I quickly discovered that I had a natural flair for dissecting Google’s algorithm, and within a year of starting to learn about SEO, I was responsible for placing a relatively new poker rakeback website on to position 3 of Google’s search results, attracting over 20,000 visitors per month, and for placing a casino website on to position 1 of Google’s search results, attracting over 1.5 million visitors per month.

Since then I have gone on to dominate Google and get traffic for websites ranging from golf equipment to office chairs to mini digger hire.

It soon became apparent that clients sometimes needed more than straightforward SEO services. For example, businesses regularly approached me saying that they want to receive traffic from Google searches, but that they don’t actually have a website.

So I started building websites for clients, then, as the jobs and client numbers grew, I had to hire web developers to share the workload.

We then had to hire in-house content writers to create professional content for clients that weren’t able to provide their own.

We then started to get clients approaching us asking if they could pay for qualified leads, so we partnered with Sam who was one of the highest rated and most respected phone salesmen in the financial district of the City Of London, who brought a team of expert telephone openers with him that pre-qualify potential investors with a series of questions in a script that is agreed with each individual client.

We have since expanded further by hiring a dedicated social media manager, and are currently trialling an explainer video producer.

We are not only proud of the quality and expertise of our team. We are equally proud of the comments that we regularly receive in relation to our customer service, as we are dedicated to providing an extremely personal service to every client.

As far as we are concerned, the success of your business and the happiness of you, our client, are our number one concerns.

The truth about our business model is very simple. We never tie a client down to a contract. So if we aren’t performing as expected, and your business isn’t benefitting from our services as expected, then you are free to stop using us at any time.

So the only way that we can keep our clients is to consistently produce results.

And at New Creation, we are most proud that we have never failed to do that.

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