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How to get new customers for my business

How To Get New Customers For My Business

Over the past few years, the way that customers find a product or service has changed. 

In the past, a customer would essentially wait to be sold a product. They would see an advertisement, get a recommendation from a friend, or even receive a cold call in relation to a product or service, and potentially be tempted into parting with their hard earned money.

Modern Customer Habits

Nowadays, things have changed dramatically due to the ease of availability of absolutely everything online. Consumers now have a mindset that if and when they want something they can find and purchase it with ease, so they get very impatient very quickly with uninvited people or companies trying to sell them things.

After all, if they’d have wanted the thing being sold, they’d have used Google and found it themselves, and if they decide that they want it in the future, then that is exactly what they will do.

So how do you promote and sell your product or service without appearing to be spammy and a source of potential irritation?

Make Customers Find You

The answer is simple.

When a potential customer or client searches for a product or service online, make sure that it is your business that they find!

Let’s use an example.

If you are selling shoes, and you want to sell more than you are able to from a local shop with passing trade, if you even have a physical shop that is, then you will have to sell your shoes online.

In order to sell your shoes online, you will need a website that displays your shoes and their current availability to potential customers, and also allows them to make a purchase.

But even if you have the best shoes in the world, and the best website in the world, if, when customers go on Google and search for shoes, your website doesn’t appear, then it may as well not exist, as no-one will ever see it!

Online Exposure

So by now, it must be obvious what you have to do to not only get new customers but to have them come to you ready to make a purchase.

You have to appear on the first page of Google’s search results, so when a customer searches for a product or service that you offer, your business appears and the customer goes to your website rather than to your competitors.

How To Get On To The First Page Of Google’s Search Results

There are two different ways to get on to the first page of Google’s search results.

They are

  1. Pay Per Click Advertising
  2. Search Engine Optimisation

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising, or PPC as it is commonly known, is pretty much self-explanatory. An advert is placed on to the first page of Google’s search results, and every time someone clicks on that advert and is taken to your website, you pay a fee.

How much you pay totally depends on the search term that you appear for, as the price of a click is essentially a bidding war, so if 20 people want to appear for the search term “buy a trumpet” they all set a maximum that they are willing to pay for a click.

Let’s pretend that these 20 bidders are named 1 – 20, and person 1 bids 1p per click, and person 2 bids 2p per click, all the way through to person 20 who bids 20p per click.

There are only 3 paid ad spots at the top of each Google page, so Google will show the ads belonging to people 18, 19 and 20, as they have bid the most for each click.

They will actually display them in order

  1. Person 20 bid 20p
  2. Person 19 bid 19p
  3. Person 18 bid 18p

The secret of making money using Google pay per click is to find keywords relevant to your business that other bidders haven’t thought about, so less, or zero, other people are bidding on them, and you get to pay much less per click.

We recently had a financial investment company approach us to take over their pay per click campaign, as it was costing them too much money. The search terms that they were targeting such as “investment companies” were costing them around £8.50 per click.

We used our state of the art software and years of experience to bring the cost of an average click to their website down from £8 to under £2.

That is why it is worth hiring a company with our level of expertise to run your pay per click campaigns.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation, or SEO for short, works in a totally different way to PPC.

After the 3 paid ads at the top of Google’s search results, the next 10 results, known as the “organic results”, haven’t paid directly to be there at all. Google places websites there based on relevance and trust.

Google has an algorithm that considers multiple factors in order to decide where a website, or more specifically a page on a website, ranks in its search results, but basically it boils down to how relevant your page’s content is to the term that is being searched, and how many “votes” that you have from other trusted relevant websites.

A “vote” is a backlink placed on another website that links to your page. A backlink is a clickable link such as this.

Google assumes that if another website writes an article about shoes, and places a backlink in the article that sends people to your article about shoes, then your page must be an authority on the subject in order for it to have been referred to, so the backlink is considered to be a vote of trust.

The more backlinks that your page gets from relevant websites or articles, the more votes it is considered to have.

But not all backlinks are considered to be equal by Google. A backlink from a page that itself has a lot of other pages backlinking to it is much more powerful than a backlink from a page that has no backlinks pointing to it.

This is commonly referred to as a page passing on its “authority”, but if a page has no backlinks then it has no “authority” to pass on to your page through its backlinks.

The way that we help clients by utilising SEO is, first of all, finding search terms that are relevant to your business and are searched for regularly.

We then write SEO optimised content that Google loves and place it on to your website.

Finally, we place relevant articles on to other peoples “high authority” websites which each contain a backlink to the new article on your website. Each of those backlinks is considered to be a very powerful “vote”

The result is that your article appears on the first page of Google’s search results.

So if we wrote an article about woman’s shoes and placed it on to your website, and then wrote other articles about woman’s shoes, each with a backlink to your article, and placed each of them on to other peoples websites, then your article would appear on the first page of Google’s search results when anyone searched for woman’s shoes on Google.

Customers would then click on that search result and be taken to your website where they will purchase the woman’s shoes that they are looking for.

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