Search Engine Optimisation

New Creation works with businesses that appreciate the value of featuring on the first page of Google`s search results. We specialise in sending customers to you.

What is SEO?

When people search for something on Google they are provided with hundreds of pages of results. Most people visit the websites on the first page of search results. SEO is optimising your website, for specific search terms, so that it appears on the first page of Google`s search results.

An example of how SEO will help you

If you are a carpenter in Cambridge you will be competing for work against other carpenters in your area. When a customer is looking for a carpenter in Cambridge the first thing that they will do is go on to Google and type in, “Carpenters in Cambridge”. If your website appears at the top of Google`s search results then there is a good chance that you will get that job. The same example can be applied to any business, from a small boutique selling clothes online to a multinational business looking for investors.

SEO Google ranking factors

Google takes into account many factors when deciding where to rank your website in its search results. Ultimately it comes down to two things:

  • How relevant is your website to the question that is being searched?
  • How much does Google trust your website?

How can New Creation SEO help your business?

Our business is to get your business to the top of Googles` search results and we are experts in doing this. We find search terms that are relevant to your business and our professional content writers then write content that is fully optimised to rank for those search terms. We then create pages on your website containing that content. We also make sure that your URLs, your meta titles and descriptions, and the meta on your images are fully optimised for those search terms. Finally, and this is the most difficult but also the most important part, we get highly trusted websites to create backlinks to those pages. It is the backlinks from these highly trusted websites that boost your website pages to the top of Google’s search results, bringing you customers and making you money!

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